I was born in Chicago, IL and started my acting career in Fourth Grade as an Italian Gymnast named Luigi in a Nancy Drew Spoof. I have this funny memory that I was doing an accent, and the guy playing my twin brother wasn't.

At thirteen, I forced my parents and Northbrook Community Theatre to let me go onstage as Jack in "Jack and the Beanstalk the Musical" with Strep Throat and a 104-degree fever.  I credit my mom for saving that role by sneaking backstage with Chloraseptic Spray at every intermission.

In High School, I attended Northwestern University's Cherub Theatre Program, where I spent a month on the college campus immersed in Theatre 24/7.

Also during High School, I was in our Show Choir, which was like being a "Glee" kid minus the cell phones.  We performed all over Chicago, as well as Disneyworld, the Mall of America, and, my senior year, in New York at Carnegie Hall.

After graduation, I was given the opportunity to intern at Chicago's Second City Communications--the production arm of the famed Improv Theatre. We put together shows for corporate events, using improv and humor to build communication and team-building skills.

When it came to colleges, I knew I was going to New York, Boston, or Los Angeles. After being accepted into USC's Acting Program and visiting Los Angeles in March (which was about sixty degrees warmer than Chicago's winter) I happily moved here without ever visiting Boston or New York schools.  No offense, East Coast Education.

Aside from acting my other loves include Downhill Skiing, a sport that has thrilled me since childhood.  To this day, my favorite sound in the world is skis perfectly carving into freshly packed powder on the mountain.

I am also an avid writer of short stories, longer prose, screen and stage plays and poetry.  I love words: big, small, one-dollar, and five-dollar.  To me the greatest art is communication, and I see writing and acting as two integral parts of that art.

In 2011 I started performing Stand-Up Comedy after getting a little guidance from Brad Garrett, who taught me an awesome Sitcom Acting class, and at the end of the year, I performed my first set!  It was awesome and I haven't looked back.

 I have performed all over the Los Angeles comedy scene, including the World Famous Comedy Store, and even went on a tour from San Diego to Vancouver!

That really rocked because I love to travel. My favorite places visited have to be Israel, Egypt and Jordan (the incredible Petra). I am fond of Britain, where I attended the British American Drama Academy in Oxford. I hope to see the rest of the world, preferably while shooting on location.

Thank you for checking out my page.  Be sure to check out the News Page to see what's up next. 

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